Our Services

Unsure if Wingard Towing Service can provide the service you are seeking? Give us a call – we are ready to help, and even if we can’t, we enjoy close friendships with many other towing services and local repair shops in the area. When you choose us, your needs always come first!


Accident Recovery

If you have been involved in a wreck, call us directly at 803-796-1467, or tell the police to dispatch Wingard Towing Service on your behalf. We will tow your vehicle to one of our three impound lots, or we can tow it to a body shop directly. The choice is yours. We have dedicated office staff that will help process your insurance claim for you, and provide all the advice necessary to navigate the claims process.


We can unlock your car so you can continue your busy day by getting right back on the road!


Boots / Jumpstarts

If your car won’t start, we can provide a jumpstart in order to get you going again.



No one ever plans to get their car stuck, but it happens. We will quickly dispatch a professional driver who is skilled in vehicle extrication. Our goal is to quickly recover your asset as fast as safety allows.



If you own a business and have unwanted vehicles parking on your lot, call us at 803-796-1467 x 4 and we will provide you with the solutions you need as a property owner. You do not have to deal with unwelcome vehicles, and our approach is the legal approach to tow aways. Wingard Towing Service provides free signage in exchange for the tow aways.


Motorcycle and Scooter/Moped/ATV Towing

Need something other than a car towed? We have been towing and hauling for 50 years so we have towed just about everything!



We have a Landoll trailer and Lowboy trailer to accommodate a wide array of medium to heavy equipment hauling. We transport equipment to and from construction sites, farms, factories and more.


Medium Duty Towing

We provide towing up to medium duty sized vehicles and trucks, including but not limited to box trucks, cabover trucks, landscaping trucks, utility trucks, service body trucks, work vans, etc.

Available 24 hours A Day